Exipple Studio

Exipple is a Barcelona based design and engineering partner for Fortune 500 corporations and the innovative startups that are disrupting them.
Exipple creates high-quality digital experiences that unite beautiful design with dynamic engineering and infrastructure. The company’s structure is geared towards lean delivery of real experiences: delivering through unorthodox approaches, generating great outcomes, working with a fabric of nomadic talent. Building star teams and creating corporate disruption.


Exipple builds rapid interactions and prototypes using multiple tools, such as:
– Open Frameworks (NUI framework, which is part of the Open NIE community)
– Sencha, a Mobile HTML5 cross platform framework for Mobile, PC and Web interoperability
– Adobe Flex for windows and Android environments
As part of the implementation process Exipple is going to deliver visual assets, C+ and C++ libraries, IOS, Android and Windows front-end, CSS and HTML5.