Object Security

ObjectSecurity Ltd. is a spin-off SME of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. It was founded in June 2000 to transfer the results of academic research to consulting and industrial research and development, and to bundle the abilities of several experienced scientists, consultants and programmers, and has a subsidiary in San Diego, USA. ObjectSecurity’s core competence includes the secure integration of systems, the model driven development of large scale, secure distributed applications, the underlying secure middleware infrastructure and Model Driven Development. The company is developing and supporting security and distributed systems software and development tools, which are used by many major European organisations, for e.g. stock trading or the central accounting system of Europe’s largest telecommunications operator. ObjectSecurity also provides advanced research, development, consulting and support services to customers, such as the UK Ministry of Defence, the US Navy and Air Force, QinetiQ, Intel, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Telekom, Agilent, ESG, Lufthansa Systems, Federal Aviation Authority, Eurocontrol, the European Space Agency and others. In the past years, ObjectSecurity successfully participated in the EU projects COACH (FP5), AD4 (FP6), SWIM-SUIT (FP6), CRISIS (FP7) and currently participates in the FP7 project ICSI. In addition to these EU projects, ObjectSecurity was or is involved in a number of industrial R&D projects in the area of complex systems. This includes for example middleware and architectures for military tactical communications, secure data distribution, integration of air defence systems or semantic Requirements Engineering and Management for space systems.


OpenPMF Policy Management Framework, IT Security, Middleware, Semantic Technologies, Model Driven Development, High Performance Computing